Simple yet unique

Z-Wall is a standardized system to construct walls for e.g. fairs and exhibitions with high aesthetics and technical finish. It consists of a few but flexible elements; wall panel, corner posts and the assembly note. In addition there is of course a range of special elements which can be purchased as needed. The system’s simple construction means that it can be combined in a myriad of options which meets a design and functionally unique look. In addition the front and back are the same which adds to great flexibility.

All without tools

The set up and dismantling of a Z -Wall solution is straightforward: The light yet sturdy panels stacks only in the way the installed graphics dictates easy assembled using the simple notes in the corners – and without the use of any tools. It also means that smaller setups can be carried and assembled by the customer while larger trade setups requires relatively few assembly hours.

Flexibility and Design

Z -Wall has a large variety of freedom within design to build highly customized solutions . It is also designed with a flexibility that allows to easily change the wording, architectural appearance and size, fully in line with the specific event. The stand size can easily be expanded both in height and width – depending on different floor areas and setup regulations.

Easy replacement of graphics and message

Because Z -Wall is a quality system that is build to be used numerous times it is also easy to renew graphics and wordings. And as the systems surfaces are constructed from a number of individual panels you only have to change or renew the parts that contains language, product images, logos etc. – for the benefit of flexibility and marketing budget.

The easy solution

Z -Wall is easy to handle because the system has few parts compared to similar display systems. It easies the setup and dismantling of the system and minimizes mistakes when the system is packed for a given fair or exhibition.

Buy or rent

Overall the Z -Wall is a favorable purchase with low operating costs and optimum opportunities for graphic and architectural redesign and gradual expansion. Being easy to handle the Z -Wall system is also suitable for rental by occasional exhibition needs. Its durability, reusability and flexibility furthermore provide an economic balance.

Setup step by step